Christmas plant

euphorbia pulcherrima

hey .. I'm your Christmas Plant

Happy new year for you dear

First of all I’d like to inform you of BLOOM’s greeting for 2022

I’m here to purify your air, improve the flow of energy and promote a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Helping you to be in a good mood is my duty.

Also, I’m seasonal so I’ll meet you every year but now you have to know how to take care of me.

Taking care of me

Now I’ll tell you how to take care of me from all sides:

I grow best in bright, indirect light. Some direct morning sun is fine, but hot direct midday sun can cause bract color to fade.

Water thoroughly, then allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings. Remove the decorative foil to allow good drainage. I am prone to root rot if the soil is too soggy.

Average room humidity (around 40% relative humidity). Indoor air can become dry in winter; to increase the humidity you can spray my leaves with a water sprayer.

Average room temperatures 15-24°C. I don’t like very cold drafts from doors and windows. Exposing me to temperatures below 10°C can cause my leaves to drop.

Not usually necessary, but if you want to keep me alive after the Christmas season you will need to fertilize me after 6 weeks from receiving me with high-phosphorus fertilizer diluted by half every 2 weeks. ( Please call BLOOM specialist for more help with fertilization if you want to enjoy me for a longer time )